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Best weight loss: One woman lost an incredible 7st with this diet – full plan revealed – Express

Weight loss is hard to achieve but those who have successfully slimmed down can be quick to share their transformations. One Reddit user posted pictures of her before and after losing weight to the site and revealed the diet plan which helped her shape up. The user “doneitdan” opened up about how she slimmed down… Read More »

Cameron Boyce Tragically Died As A Result Of A Seizure: How Common Is This?

The tragic news of the sudden passing of  20-year-old Cameron Boyce, known for his roles as a Disney actor, has shocked many fans and followers. Most recognized for his roles on Disney Channel’s “The Descendants” and “Jessie,” he also starred alongside Adam Sandler in the movies “Grown Ups” and Grown Ups 2.” Many did not… Read More »

This woman had an EYELASH transplant

After losing part of her eyelashes in an accident, Itinder Kaur was given an eyelash transplant – becoming one of just a handful of women in the UK to have the procedure Itinder Kaur, a young woman from London has undergone an eyelash transplant after ripping open her eyelid in a fall.  She is only the second woman… Read More »