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Pros and Cons of Herbal Medicine

Because of the high cost of doctors and medicine, numerous people turn to herbs and supplements to help stave off sickness and stay healthy. The medicinal use of herbs and plants isn’t new and can be traced to ancient times. But do they actually help? Are herbal supplements detrimental to your health? What are the… Read More »

Last Week Tonight: John Oliver on bias in medicine with Wanda Sykes and Larry David. – Slate Magazine

[embedded content] The 25 Most Important Characters of the Past 25 Years How Is Christian Pulisic Ever Supposed to Prove He’s Worth $ 73 Million? Marvel Comics Reportedly Rejected an Art Spiegelman Essay Because He Called Donald Trump “Orange Skull” How Much Star Power Does Greta Gerwig’s Little Women Have Compared to the 1994 Movie?… Read More »

How to rekindle your love of medicine

Recently, thousands of new residency and fellowship graduates have earned their wings and will be, mostly metaphorically, hanging out their shingles. Sadly, though, as the excitement of finally finishing training after decades of schooling wears off, even great work can become routine. There is a parable about three men laying bricks. When asked what they… Read More »