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Many migraine sufferers wary of alcohol as a headache trigger – Reuters

(Reuters Health) – – Many migraine sufferers avoid alcohol, saying it can trigger the severe headaches, a survey found. Among more than 2,000 migraine patients in the Netherlands, more than a third said alcohol was a migraine trigger for them. Of the 650 patients who had stopped consuming alcohol, one in four said it was… Read More »

Unmet Medical Needs Persist Across Many Diseases

Concor cardiovascular treatment tablets fall into a sieve following compression inside Merck KGaA’s pharmaceutical laboratories at the company’s headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. Photographer: Martin Leissl/Bloomberg© 2016 Bloomberg Finance LP Unmet medical need is defined conventionally in terms of availability and adequacy of treatments, pharmaceutical or otherwise. Treatments may not exist for certain diseases, or treatments… Read More »