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Kylie Jenner Ran into Both Jordyn Woods AND Tristan Thompson at a Birthday Party This Weekend

On Friday night Kylie Jenner found herself at a club with both Tristan Thompson AND Jordyn Woods. Kylie also ran into Tristan earlier this week, but it still probably wasn’t any less awk the second time around! Kylie Jenner has just been having a week full of awkward run-ins. First, it was reported that on… Read More »

This Guy Gave Up Drinking and Got into the Best Shape of His Life at 46

•In his mid-forties, Tamas Haiman gave up drinking and processed sugars in an effort to lose weight. • He also hired a personal trainer to help him develop a rigorous workout and healthier nutrition plan. • After committing to eating healthier and working out regularly, he completed a dramatic 60-pound weight loss transformation in just… Read More »

Maintaining a healthy revenue cycle means tapping into the consumer mentality

A healthy revenue cycle can’t stay healthy for long without a strong collections process, and collections can’t stay strong unless there’s money to collect. That means health systems are increasingly behaving like brands, seeking to attract patients — and their pocketbooks. Nowadays, attracting patients means taking a more consumer-focused approach to care delivery, which generally… Read More »