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Democratic debate: Joe Biden vs. Kamala Harris on health care – Vox.com

The Joe Biden–Kamala Harris showdown at the second Democratic debate started on, what else, health care. It’s a top issue for Democratic voters and has featured heavily in every primary debate so far. Biden has positioned himself as the moderate, proposing a plan that would allow Americans to buy into a government insurance plan, but… Read More »

As renewed debate over health care reform begins to simmer in Washington, can journalists give the topic the attention it needs?

Dec. 14th’s lower court ruling that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is unconstitutional has again thrust health care back on the national agenda. It also gives journalists a chance to redeem themselves from what I have argued has been poor news coverage that helped fuel the public backlash against the law from the beginning. A lot… Read More »

Drug problem pill-testing debate ignores

As the debate surrounding pill testing at music festivals continues to heat up, the harm associated with another drug — alcohol — appears to have disappeared from the spotlight. Over the Australia Day long weekend, 25 people were transferred to hospital from the Electric Gardens, Hardcore Till I Die and Rolling Loud music festivals in… Read More »