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Viewpoints: Thumbs Up To Trump For Trying To Bring Price Transparency To Health Care; FDA Can’t Stray From Shaping Good Scientific Innovation

Opinion writers weigh in on these health issues and others. Dallas Morning News: Pricing Transparency Could Help Lower America’s Sky-High Health Care Costs Imagine being able to shop for a knee-replacement surgery the way most people shop for a flight — by comparing prices on a website like Orbitz or Cheapflights.com, and understanding the full… Read More »

Getting paid for remote and virtual care services: CPT codes to know and understand

Remote patient monitoring, home care and telehealth have been gaining traction as a healthcare offering due in no small part to an aging population, which increasingly views these kinds of options as a means of avoiding certain age-related hardships, such as transportation and receiving regular check-ups. Until recently, though, reimbursement for remote patient monitoring services… Read More »