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Elizabeth Warren Takes a Huge Risk by Calling to End Private Health Insurance – New York Magazine

Photo: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images Early in the first Democratic presidential debate, all the candidates were asked who would abolish private health insurance. Only two raised their hands: Bill de Blasio, who is not going to be the party’s nominee, and Elizabeth Warren, who might be. Should that possibility come to pass, her frank answer could… Read More »

The problem with calling physician burnout a human rights violation or a moral injury

Our profession is in crisis, but “human rights violations” and “moral injury” are inaccurate terms to use. It may be surprising to some that I am writing this piece as I am viewed as a staunch physician advocate. In 2017, I was stunned after a beloved classmate from medical school took his life. I felt… Read More »

We should stop calling it DIY dentistry – Dentistry IQ

The media is becoming interested in the dangers of what our profession has been calling DIY dentistry. Great! Dentists have been concerned about companies that are manufacturing orthodontic appliances without the direct supervision of dentists. At the 2018 ADA House of Delegates, the profession passed a resolutionvbysybzwzcqfbav to officially warn the public about the harm… Read More »