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The problem with calling physician burnout a human rights violation or a moral injury

Our profession is in crisis, but “human rights violations” and “moral injury” are inaccurate terms to use. It may be surprising to some that I am writing this piece as I am viewed as a staunch physician advocate. In 2017, I was stunned after a beloved classmate from medical school took his life. I felt… Read More »

The Root Cause of Physician Burnout: Neither Professionals nor Skilled Workers

Too many specific theories about physician burnout can cloud the real issue and allow healthcare leaders to circle around the “elephant in the room”. The cause of physician burnout isn’t just the EMRs, Meaningful Use, CMS regulations, the chronic disease epidemic or any other single item. Instead, it is simply this: Healthcare today has no… Read More »

Stress from using electronic health records is linked to physician burnout

While electronic health records improve communication and access to patient data, researchers found that stress from using EHRs is associated with burnout, particularly for primary care doctors such as pediatricians, family medicine physicians and general internists. Common causes of EHR-related stress include too little time for documentation, time spent at home managing records and EHR… Read More »