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Ewan McGregor's Daughter Slams Him for Being an “Asshole” Who Left Her Mom

Remember last summer when Ewan McGregor’s daughter called his new girlfriend a piece of trash? It was A LOT, so let’s rewind for a moment in case you didn’t follow that particular dramatic cheating scandal due to dealing with all the other dramatic cheating scandals that happened in 2018. The TL;DR version is that last… Read More »

#TransLooksLikeThis Goes Viral on Twitter With Transgender People Are Sharing Their Experiences for Not Being ‘Trans Enough’

Transgenders Sharing Their Experiences With #TransLooksLikeThis (Photo Credits: @wondyful/ @bookjinni/ @rutituti57/ Twitter) Transgenders come from all walks of life. There are more issues they face on an everyday basis than one can think of. Despite the increased visibility of transgender people in the media today, many are often mocked for being emotional in regards to… Read More »

Being Intelligent Makes You More Attractive, Says Science

Do you gravitate towards people that will casually drop the word ‘superfluous’ into a sentence? Do you find those with endless streams of seemingly irrelevant knowledge intriguing? Well, there’s a reason why! And a scientific reason at that. Recent research from Western Sydney University to be published as an upcoming paper in the Journal of… Read More »