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A Judge Rules Against One Stem-Cell Clinic. There Are Hundreds of Them.

A judicial ruling this month that will stop questionable stem-cell treatments at a clinic in Florida is widely seen as a warning to a flourishing industry that has attracted huge numbers of patients, who pay thousands of dollars for unproven, risky procedures. But with little regulatory oversight for the hundreds of clinics operating these lucrative… Read More »

The Exercise Hormone Irisin May Help Protect Against Alzheimer’s

According to a study, exercise produces the irisin hormone that could help in improving memory and protecting against Alzheimer’s. It’s known that physical activity improves memory, and research has suggested that it could also help to reduce Alzheimer’s risk.[1] The irisin hormone that’s released into circulation when performing physical activity was discovered by scientists several… Read More »

Keeping active in old age may protect against dementia, study finds

Keeping active in old age may protect against dementia – even if you have early signs of the disease, study says Scientists had participants wear activity trackers  Those who moved more during the course of the day had better scores on memory and cognitive thinking tests Even those with biomarkers of early dementia had higher scores… Read More »