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Trump administration sues to block supervised injection site in Philadelphia

Federal authorities announced Wednesday that they are suing a nonprofit organization that wants to build a facility in Philadelphia where drug users could inject heroin and illicit fentanyl under medical supervision to be protected from overdosing. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday against the nonprofit Safehouse and its executive director Jen Bowles, is the first of its… Read More »

Trump Administration proposes using ACA subsidies to buy non-Obamacare health insurance

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services today has released proposed waivers that include the ability for states to provide financial assistance for different types of health insurance, not just qualified health plans under the Affordable Care Act. States could choose to expand the availability of plans and could provide subsidies to a defined contribution,… Read More »

The schizophrenic Trump administration: One day they blast socialism, the next they embrace it

We all have our issues, but the personality of the Trump administration might need some professional help. Granted, I am hardly the first one to observe this. One minute, they are all excited about something — like calling Sen. Ted Cruz “Lying Ted.” The next moment, they are calling him “Beautiful Ted.” This week has… Read More »